MySpace Japan has become the latest Japanese social-networking site to introduce a video-sharing service.

The Tokyo-based SNS says that starting May 10, users are able to post an unlimited number of videos up to 100 megabytes in length each to the site. Japanese artists have been able to post videos to MySpace Music since March 22.

Several other Japanese SNS sites have recently launched video-sharing services. They include Mixi, which claims to be Japan's biggest SNS, with some 8 million users.

MySpace Japan will reportedly use both automated screening and human monitors to check for unauthorized or "indecent" content.

"Lately everyone is getting into the video-sharing game," says a Tokyo-based industry source. "But no national advertisers want to advertise on video-sharing sites, because of concerns over inappropriate content. So there will be tension between sites using videos to draw traffic, and their ability to monetize that traffic."