Motorola announced May 30 what it describes as a major upgrade of its mainland China portal.

The site, at, now offers more than 100,000 songs for purchase and download, with new features such as "cross-linkage management," which allows users to recommend tracks to each other, as well as other community-based" features.

"In the face of the changes that digitization has wrought on the music industry, we must work together to create new ways to experience the music we all love, ways that are relevant to the way Asians live today," said Michael Tatelman, corporate VP and president of Motorola Asia Pacific Mobile Devices, in a statement.

"Making that happen is going to take more than outstanding mobile devices - it demands that manufacturers, operators, artists, labels and service providers share a vision that recognizes that the future of music is mobile, and that we must make mobile music even better than the music experience we grew up with."