SellaBand, the Amsterdam-based online label for unsigned acts which launched last August, is taking part in its first live event during Concert At Sea (CAS), a 60,000-capacity Dutch rock festival on June 30.

The four SellaBand acts participating will be selected by their online supporters (also known as "Believers"), CAS headline act Blof, and Sellaband's management to open the second stage at the festival, which takes place at Brouwersdam, south of the Netherlands.

"It is part of our plans to launch our own tour and take part in one of the major European festivals next year," managing director Johan Vosmeijer told during Sellaband's first London showcase on June 5 at the Gibson Guitar Studio.

The SellaBand acts' recordings are financed by Believers, who invest a minimum of $10 in the act.

The first two acts to have received the required $50,000 in donations to record an album are Dutch rock band Nemesea and U.S. singer Cubworld. Their respective albums "In Control" and "Step Lightly, Create Out Loud" are scheduled for release at the end of June.

The albums will be available for free via SellaBand's downloadable-music portal, launching at the end of this month. SellaBand investors and the Believers will recoup their investment from the advertising sold on the portal.