A pay-per-view online service offering live music called "Gigs On Demand" has been launched in the United Kingdom by London-based music/lifestyle satellite TV channel Rockworld.TV and parent Carnaby International.

V2 Recordings alternative rock act the Rakes became the first band to feature on the streamed service at www.rockworld.tv, following the Rockworld's exclusive filming of the London band's appearance at the city's Brixton Academy venue on March 31. It has been available since June 13. Users pay just £1 ($1.97) to access the whole show, which they can watch unlimited times during a 24-hour period.

The main Rockworld.TV channel itself is available through satellite service SKY, offering rock/alternative music and related lifestyle programming. According to joint CEO Pete Hadfield: "Live music has been the mainstay of Rockworld.TV since the channel started [in 2005] and launching 'Gigs On Demand' was an obvious move for us. We are confident that viewers will be impressed at how user-friendly it is and by the excellent quality of the streaming. The Rakes gig is fantastic and the perfect show to launch this new service."

Head of digital and business development at V2 Recordings Beth Appleton added: "Of course, not all fans can attend every gig and that is why we are so excited about our new deal with Rockworld/Carnaby. Our new partnership enables fans worldwide to have access to complete gigs online at highest quality on a pay-per-view basis, bringing a new revenue stream for the label and our artists."