Spanish online music recommendation company MyStrands has received $25 million-worth of funding from 25-year-old Spanish media mogul, Antonio Asensio.

Asensio is CEO of the country's third biggest media group, Grupo Zeta. MyStrands, formed in 2003 by businessman Fernando Martin and since 2004 based for financial reasons in the US city of Corvallis, Ore., now has total funding of $31 million.

MyStrands is a developer of social recommendation technologies using artificial intelligence. It specialises in real-time music recommendations, but is expected to expand into video, film, TV series and other digital products.

Communications director Gabriel Aldamiz-Echevarria says: "It is still early, but most likely the investment will not influence the way we do things at the company. We now have more money to carry on with the projects we had, that's all."

MyStrands CEO Martin adds: "The new funding means that we can remain independent and continue to develop social recommendation technologies to help people organize and explore digital media."

Asensio, who became deputy VP of Grupo Zeta aged 19, when his group founder father died in 2001, says: "Recommendation technologies will allow media companies to supply personalized content and publicity to consumers. MyStrands technologies could become the standard form of Internet personalization."

MyStrands employs a team of 50 people in Corvallis and Barcelona.