Two workers died early Friday afternoon as they helped dismantle the gigantic stage scenery used by the Rolling Stones in a performance last night at Atletico Madrid soccer team's Vicente Calderón stadium. Two other men were injured, one seriously.

Madrid fire brigade chief Rafael Ferrandiz said three men fell some 10-12 meters to the ground after a metal structure they were working on collapsed for unknown reasons. A fourth worker was slightly injured when he was stuck by the falling metal.

The mortal victims were aged 44 and 38. The badly injured worker is 35, and the fourth man is 30.

The Communist-led Workers Commissions trade union point out that a 22-year-old worker died dismantling stage scenery after another concert in the Calderón stadium a year ago.

Some 50,000 fans saw the Stones concert, the third of four in Spain as part of the "Bigger Bang" world tour. The band has played in the Calderón stadium on three other occasions - in 1982, 1990 and 2003.

The dismantling of the Rolling Stones stage scenery takes three days, but after the accident all work was suspended for the day. It took 42 trucks to bring the stage parts to Madrid.

The "Bigger Bang" stage is dominated by two light towers 30 meters high and 100 meters wide. A total of 115 staff travel with the trucks, and some 100 workers are locally employed to help put up and dismantle the stage.