Social-networking Web site MySpace is throwing its support behind a new free London music festival.

The Aug. 5 1234Shoreditch concert is being launched as part of the Aug. 4-18 Shoreditch Festival, an annual music, lifestyle and culture event in North London.

Local indie label 1234 and independent promoter Sean McLusky are organizing the event, in association with MySpace.

MySpace's involvement will be highlighted by its sponsorship of the MySpace stage, which will be hosted by independent disco DJ duo Queens of Noize.

Headliners on the main stage will include U.S. rock/dance singer Har Mar Superstar, who will be joined in a special collaboration by Fab Moretti, drummer from U.S. garage rock act the Strokes.

Organizers say future plans include 1234 music festivals in other major U.K. cities, such as Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow and Bristol, and in such continental European centers as Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam.