Carbon offset and climate consulting business the CarbonNeutral Company has launched a U.K. series of album reissues in conjunction with Sony BMG, under the banner Carbon Neutral Entertainment.

With effect from Aug. 27, 22 titles were released in the eco-friendly series, in each case with the approval of the artists concerned, including Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited" and "Blonde on Blonde," Miles Davis' "A Kind of Blue" and Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

The series is available only in the United Kingdom at present.

Under the scheme, the CarbonNeutral Company has "audited" the CO2 levels likely to be produced in the production and distribution of the range, and Sony BMG will then offset these by investing in renewable energy projects around the world. For every ton of CO2 produced, a ton will be saved through climate-friendly projects.

For this project Carbon Neutral Entertainment will invest in a hydro-power project in India and a waste gas power project in the Rhine-Rhur in Germany.

Each album in the series will also contain a listing of ten energy-saving tips supplied by the Energy Saving Trust. Other titles include "The Clash," "The Stone Roses" and Billy Joel's "An Innocent Man."

The CarbonNeutral Company has offices in London and New York. Its two leading shareholders are Zouk Ventures -- which manages over $100 million in two technology funds and has investments in Finland, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom -- and the independent Triodos Bank, which invests in enterprises "creating social, environmental or cultural added value." Some 20% of the CarbonNeutral Company is owned by founders and employees.