, the music recommendation site and social network, is encouraging artists to mine the various free tools available on the Internet as part of its "campaign for better music," which launched today.

The Web service is pitching its initiative as a call-to-arms for unsigned and independent acts, inspired by punk fanzine Sideburns' 1976 motto, "Here's three chords, now form a band." More than 30 years on, is driving home the updated message, "Here's three websites, now form a band."

A manifesto can be found on the new blog, where the reader will be shown "how to produce, promote and distribute your music, without spending a load of money, and without lots of other people getting involved."

Comments co-founder Martin Stiksel in a statement: "There's so much great music out there that doesn't get a chance to find an audience and we want that to change."

Stiksel added, "It's possible now because we're in the middle of a revolution in terms of how music is made and distributed and promoted. There's a lot of talk about all these things in the media but not much action in the real world - so we're going to show new bands how.", which was founded in 2002, was sold to CBS Corp. in May for $280 million. says it has more than 20 million registered users.