Warner Music Finland has restructured its executive team as the Helsinki-based affiliate looks to shift towards a new integrated, artist-focused business model.

With immediate effect, Niko Nordström has joined the Warner Finland as GM, while Asko Kallonen is onboard as A&R director.

Kallonen succeeds Warner Finland's longtime A&R director Pekka Ruuska, who will leave the firm Nov. 1 to set up an all-rights music firm, Kaiku Entertainment Oy. Kaiku has struck a global agreement to collaborate with the Warner Finland on a range of artist services, and share revenue across those activities, including merchandise, sponsorship and live events.

In a statement issued today, Warner Music Nordic president Jonas Siljemark claimed the two executive appointments were marked the beginning of the company's move toward a 360-degree business model.

"This injection of new expertise is a key move in the re-definition of our role in the music value chain and bolsters our collective expertise in areas such as live performance, merchandise and endorsement," explains Siljemark in the statement, issued today.

Reporting to Siljemark, Nordström is tasked with driving the firm's transformation, delivering digital gains and expanding its artist-partnerships. Kallonen, who reports to Nordström, will focus on developing the company's roster.

Both execs join from Helsinki Music Company (HMC), a local firm the pair founded in 2004 which operates in recorded music, merchandising, music publishing and touring.

HMC has guided the careers of Finland's biggest breakthrough acts of recent years, including HIM, Sturm Und Drang, Antti Tuisku and Tomi Putaansuu from 2006 Eurovision Song Contest winner Lordi.

Nordström is widely recognized as a key player Finland's music industry, He served as managing director of Bluebird Music from 1993 until it was acquired by BMG Finland in 1998. Later, he was appointed GM of BMG Publishing Finland, and then MD of BMG Finland.

Moving forward, Kaiku will act as an exclusive A&R resource for Warner Finland. The move is "in parallel" with Warner Finland's in-house A&R team, according to a Warner Music International statement.

As part of the deal, all new Kaiku content will be issued under the dual imprint of both companies, with Warner Music marketing and distributing all releases. Ruuska will own the Kaiku name, and Warner Music will own the masters created as part of the partnership.

A new publishing division, Kaiku songs, will be formed in a joint venture with Warner/Chappell Scandinavia.