A top executive with Quebec's music industry arm ADISQ this week suggested that the industry refrain from taking a hardline stance with illegal downloaders.

The organization's executive director, Solange Drouin, admitted the local legal download market had been slow to take off, but said lawsuits were not the solution to the problem.

Drouin added that ADISQ would like to see Internet service providers like Bell Canada's Sympatico service, and Montreal-based Videotron Inc give priority to Canadian content.

"Of course, we do not intend to require 65% of Francophone content on the Web as is the case on the radio, but it is still possible to imagine a boutique of services offered by Internet service providers," she said.

ADISQ said just 1.7% of music sold in Quebec came from legal downloading services, a much lower rate than the estimated 6% in English-speaking Canada.

Speaking as part of its awards week, Paul Dupont-Hébert, the organization's president and co-founder, described the threat of illegal downloading "as if we're in a school room without supervision."