French independent labels collecting society SPPF has warned it would no longer tolerate Internet firms using the music of its members without authorization.

In a statement issued Dec. 17, the organization stated, "For years, SPPF has been observing that online music services are launched prior to any negotiation to get right holders' authorizations."

SPPF director general Jérôme Roger tells that the trade body is targeting online communities, Web casters and streaming services.

"We haven't been firm enough for long," says Roger. "From now on, we will systematically launch actions [against infringing services]."

Roger revealed that a cease-and-desist letter was sent to streaming service on Dec. 18, following a suit filed six weeks ago against French on-demand streaming site Radio.Blog.Club.

This strategy, acknowledges Roger, complements the groundbreaking agreement signed by French government, right holders and ISPs in November to prevent online piracy. "This agreement is designed to fight individual infringements," explains Roger. "Here we fight illicit reproduction from professional services."

While acknowledging such a strategy could raise challenges for online services, Roger notes licensing content is "far less complicated today."