Mark Hodgkinson, London-based executive VP of global marketing at EMI Music, has taken over the responsibilities of Barney Wragg, who Billboard revealed left his role as head of digital at the major this week.

Then move comes as EMI consolidates various support activities under a unified global leadership.

Hodgkinson, former CEO of personal finance firm Virgin Money, was recruited by EMI Group chairman Guy Hands to its investor and music management boards in October. He was initially appointed EMI Music consumer development director, where he worked alongside Wragg.

After announcing his restructuring plans for the company this week, including up to 2,000 job cuts, Hands appointed a new music management board and Hodgkinson was given his EVP role. He has been tasked with reviewing all marketing activity including physical and digital products and services, as well as taking on Wragg’s responsibilities. His role at Virgin Money include a strong focus on online consumer services.

Sources tell Billboard that EMI wanted Wragg to take on a more hands-on role in the execution of the company's digital initiatives, while Wragg wanted to focus more on strategy. He was credited as the mastermind behind EMI’s DRM-free policy for digital music; last April EMI became the first major to sell digital music without file encryption technology and three other majors soon followed.

Upon his appointment, Hodgkinson said he wanted to ensure that EMI “benefits fully from the growth potential offered by digital channels."