"We're very committed," - Vivendi CEO Jean-Bernard Levy's response when asked if there was a chance UMG's record unit might be spun-off in future.

"I remember legal bills per month of $500,000. It's hard to run a small business when that is happening," - Janus Friis describing the road to Kazaa's downfall.

"People are prepared to pay for quality. As long as we keep screwing around with our audience, we aren't going to win," - veteran promoter Harvey Goldsmith warms things up during the opening session of MidemNet.

"I've waited for digital technology to take my music to Africa. I don't care if they only pay 1 cent, I just want to expand my global fanbase," - Chuck D tells of his global plans during the "Fans Business" panel.

"The record industry will spend £200,000 on a band without ever knowing whether people like it. Do you really think that's how Procter & Gamble introduce a new deodorant?" - Johan Vosmeijer, Sellaband

"The principal effect of this 'terrorist war' [on piracy] will be to erode respect for copyright," - Lawrence Lessig, Creative Commons

"The majors have changed the way they market music, now they have to work out how to change the music that they market," - Steve Greenberg, CEO, S-Curve Records