Don't expect to see Led Zeppelin on the road near you this summer. The current incarnation of the veteran rock act has no plans to play live -- until at least after September, says guitarist Jimmy Page.

Speaking in Tokyo today (Jan. 28), Page said: "The amount of work that we put into the O2 (Dec. 10 London reunion show), both for ourselves rehearsing and also for the staging of it, was probably what you'd put into a world tour anyway."

He noted that Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant "also has a parallel project running [with Alison Krauss], and he's really busy with that project, certainly until September. So I can't give you any news on anything at the moment." Plant and Krauss released their album "Raising Sand" on Rounder in October 2007 and begin a world tour in Louisville, Kentucky on April 20.

Page admitted that the scale of media interest about Led Zeppelin's O2 performance put the band under a certain amount of pressure during rehearsals, but insisted the Led Zep chemistry was still there.

"We'd all agreed to take it very, very seriously and have a really good time at the same time," Page said. "We worked out the songs we were going to play, and it was exhilarating, it was fantastic. Every week was a week to look forward to."

Page was speaking during Japanese promotion for the band's recent "Mothership" (Swan Song/Atlantic) compilation. Asked if loyal fans who had bought Led Zeppelin product in various formats over the years should buy "Mothership," Page replied: "please don't -- I don't want you to buy it."

He explained that "Mothership" was designed to replace previous compilations called "Early Days" and "Latter Days" from 1999, whose packaging and presentation Page was dissatisfied with.

"The overall packaging just did not have the quality of what we expect from Led Zeppelin and what I think everyone else expects from Led Zeppelin," Page said. "It just made sense to have something done so we don't have to think about it again."