Mobile music service Melodeo announced a deal at the Mobile World Congress that will allow Blackberry users to access their iTunes library on their mobiles.

Blackberry parent company Research in Motion has signed on for Melodeo's NuTsie service that lets users play songs from their iTunes library on Blackberry smartphones. The service is due to launch this spring and will be available on the Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry Curve as well as the Blackberry homepage.

With NuTsie, Blackberry users can listen to songs in their iTunes library, browse friends iTunes playlists and search for new music. NuTsie doesn't stream the actual music files from iTunes. Instead, users sign up for the service and export their iTunes song list (rather than digital song files) to NuTsie. NuTsie compares the list with songs available on its Web servers and streams matched songs to the user's mobile phone.

"NuTsie allows our partners to leverage the high consumer demand for mobile music, as well as the popularity and existing consumer investment in iTunes," Melodeo director of sales and business development Jeff Bartee said in a statement announcing the deal.