Visual-kei band X Japan, fresh from three triumphant reunion shows this past weekend at the 50,000-capacity Tokyo Dome, have announced their first-ever overseas shows.

At an April 3 press conference in Tokyo the group said they will play a gig at an undisclosed venue in Paris on July 5 and another at New York's Madison Square Garden on Sept. 13.

X Japan debuted in 1988 with their genre-defining and independently released album "Vanishing Vision," and soon after became one of Japan's biggest rock acts.

The band has had a major influence on Japan's "visual-kei" rock culture, and has achieved cult status overseas among fans of Japanese "manga" comics and anime.

The group signed a worldwide deal with Atlantic Records in 1992, but didn't release any product internationally. X Japan broke up in 1997 and since then the members of the band have pursued their own musical careers.