Omnifone, supplier of the pioneering all-you-can-eat mobile-music download service MusicStation, is boasting that its U.K. service is officially the country's "largest digital music subscription service."

Although it declined to give any actual subscription figures, Omnifone adds that MusicStation U.K. has overtaken "PC-centric services in terms of subscriber numbers."

The growth of the service, which enables users to download an unlimited number of songs for a mere £1.99 ($3.92) a week exclusively via carrier Vodafone, is supported by Rob Wells, senior VP, digital at Universal Music Group International.

Wells said in a statement: "MusicStation provides the best music experience on mobile today and Vodafone's rollout in the U.K. makes this proposition the largest unlimited digital-music service in the country."

Paolo Pescatore, director of applications and content at London-based CCS Insight, a research-analysis company recommended by Omnifone, admits no figures are available to substantiate MusicStation's declaration.

"But (the announcement) is very well timed to coincide with the imminent launch of Apple's 3G iPhones and at a time when Nokia is ramping up its online music stores before the launch of Nokia' 'Comes With Music' (unlimited mobile downloads) initiative later this year," he says.

Jupiter Research senior analyst Mark Mulligan says the only serious unlimited download contender in the U.K. PC arena is Napster.

But with Napster scaling down its PC subscription service, music retailer HMV closing down its operation, and less than 0.1% of European online users subscribing to music-subscription models, "we can't reach any conclusion about the exact order of magnitude. Let us assume that Omnifone's claim might be right, it also says a lot about the weakness of Napster."

Mulligan, however, accepts that mobile subscriptions might have a better chance of success because of operators' billing relationships with customers and ability to bundle the music with other offerings.