French authors rights society Sacem has reported collections of €759.1 million ($1.182 billion) in the financial year ending Dec. 31, 2007, an increase of 0.4% on 2006.

Sacem's revenue growth was slowed by a 7.7% decline in income from CD and DVD mechanical rights to €119 million ($185 million), an area which now represents 15.7% of Sacem's overall revenue. "This compares with €150 million ($233 million) in 2003", noted Sacem president/CEO Bernard Miyet, at a press gathering last week in Paris.

The 2006 figures on CD and DVD and multimedia rights, however, were recalculated by Sacem to take into account a change in their classification.

During 2007, distributable revenue from digital media rose 26.8% to €6.1 million ($9.5 million), representing less than 1% of the society's global income.

While the digital services are numerous, the revenues are scarce, noted Miyet. Sacem collected only €70,000 ($109,000) in six months from French ad-supported streaming service Deezer, which he said was "grotesque".

Miyet announced a shift in Sacem's policy towards digital services. "We won't accept it any more when digital services launch without having talked with us beforehand."

Income from live performances is still growing, up 8.7% to €62.8 million ($97 million). Revenues from audiovisual (broadcast TV and radio) are down 1.6% to €257.2 million ($400 million), and still represents Sacem's main income, at 33.9% of the overall figure.

Revenue from private copying rose 3.7% to €51.5 million ($80 million), representing 6.8% of the overall revenue. The rise is mainly due to a growth in funds generated from multimedia portable players.

Private-copying levies are imposed on sales of a range of electronic hardware and blank media formats, the proceeds of which are distributed by the society to authors and publishers.

In 2007, Sacem distributed €643.5 million ($1 billion), up 2.5% from 2006. The average administrative cost rate reached 15.18%, compared with 15.48% in 2006 and 14.97% in 2005.

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