Britain's Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society and the Phonographic Performance Limited have teamed-up to launch a professional dubbing licence.

Available online from July 1, the so-called ProDub license covers the copying of private music collections into a digital format for use in professional and semi-professional environments.

The licence, which will be sought by the likes of DJs, karaoke jockeys and fitness instructors, will see the user added to a "licensed customer" database. Venue owners will be enabled to check the online database to ensure that the performer has the clearance to play their digital recordings.

The multi-tiered license has an initial price point of £250 ($490), which grants permission to copy and use up to 5,000 tracks and covers both sets of copyright in the songs and sound recordings. A 25% discount will apply to "early bird" applicants, who sign-up before mid-August.

The new initiative, announced today, marks the first time MCPS and PPL have collaborated in this particular, growing field.

Research reported by the MCPS indicates that more than a third of all mobile, karaoke and wedding DJs now use new digital formats to perform.