Several Beijing live music venues have had to cancel their summer live-music events due to "security concerns" ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which start on Aug. 8.

A notice sent out on July 7 by club D-22, located in Beijing's Haidian university district, reads, "All our shows are cancelled until further notice due to new license regulations." D-22 Michael Pettis says the club is currently applying for the proper licenses from district authorities, adding, "I'm hoping that we'll be back in business in a week - though it may take longer than that."

Another venue located in Beijing's Ritan Park, the Stone Boat Cafe, was told to cease holding music events by the park's security department, who cited Olympic security concerns. The Stone Boat traditionally holds outdoor performances throughout the summer, which attract an audience average of about 50 people. The venue confirms that they will remain open as a bar, and that only the music events have been cancelled. They plan to resume their concerts when weather permits next year.

Several weeks ago, Kro's Nest, a Beijing pizza restaurant that had a series of outdoor music concerts planned for the summer on the lawn, had the plug pulled on the music by local police during the second event in their concert series on May 9. The venue is located at the entrance to the Workers' Stadium Olympic venue. Also in May, following the outdoor Mini Midi Festival held on their lawn from May 1-3, club 2 Kolegas, located near the north gate of Beijing's Chaoyang Park, was told by local district authorities that their music events could only be held indoors.

"There are times when you can push the limits, and times you can't - both in terms of getting permits and 'security' issues," says one venue owner. "Most everyone in this town is vulnerable in some way," he adds, "given the current mood of security concerns and paranoia, it's just a matter of when, not if."