A new organization, UKMusic, has launched with the support of eight trade bodies from the U.K. music industry.

UKMusic officially began work on Sept. 25 after British Music Rights (BMR) - which represented the views of composers and songwriters to policy makers - ceased operations.

The new organization will be headed by CEO Feargal Sharkey and chairman Andy Heath, both formerly of BMR. All staff at BMR will work at the London-based UKMusic.

UKMusic will represent artists, musicians, songwriters and composers, as well as major and independent record labels, managers, music publishers and collecting societies. It will not affect the role of individual trade bodies, but will represent the industry in specific areas including public policy and lobbying; external awareness and public opinion; research and analysis; and education and skills.

The formation of UKMusic follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding by representatives of the Association of Independent Music (AIM), the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters (BAC&S), BPI, the MCPS-PRS Alliance, the Music Managers Forum (MMF), the Music Publishers Association Limited (MPA), the Musicians Union (MU) and PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd).

"From the talent and creativity of songwriters, composers, artists and musicians to the vital role played by publishers, management, record labels and collecting societies, all of us within the UK's commercial music sector are bound by strong, interconnected relationships,” said Sharkey in a statement. “Through UKMusic, we now have a collective vehicle to reflect and express this common ground."