The plug has been pulled on plans to revive Australia’s Byron Bay Arts and Music Festival, with organizers citing “regulatory hurdles.”

The festival, due to take place Jan. 7 and 8 in the east coast seaside town, had a line-up featuring Franz Ferdinand, the Hives, the Kooks and local act the Grates. Many of the performers have been invited to play at a newly-arranged fest, Sunset Sounds, to be held on the same dates in Brisbane.

In a statement posted online, organizers explained that their self-imposed deadline for obtaining final approvals for the Byron Bay site at Belongil Fields had expired. “Whilst it is common for major events in Byron Bay to proceed without final approvals until only weeks before the event,” the statement reads, “organizers were uncomfortable with the level of risk given the significance of the line-up and organisation going in to the event".

The Byron Bay Arts and Music Festival last took place in 1994-1996. It’s the second Aussie festival casualty in the past two months, following the decision by promoter Mi5 to halt Australia's Great Escape Festival, due to be staged Oct. 4 and 5 outside Sydney, due to "unexpectedly low ticket sales.”