German film director Wim Wenders has given a keynote address at day two of Popkomm in Berlin, where he also unveiled plans for "The Music of Wim Wenders - Live" featuring Lou Reed.

Reed will be the guest star at the concert at Berlin Tempodrom on Dec. 3. It will feature the Babelsberg Film Orchestra performing songs from films including "Million Dollar Hotel", "The American Friend" and Wenders' new movie "Palermo Shooting."

The orchestra will be conducted by Irmin Schmidt, founder of German alternative group Can, who has also provided the score for "Palermo Shooting." The concert is promoted by Concertburo Zahlmann in Berlin.

Wenders has previously directed films with both songs and acting performances by Australian alternative musician Nick Cave and Lou Reed, who appears in "Palermo Shooting." He also worked with U2 on "Million Dollar Hotel" and Ry Cooder on "Paris, Texas" and "Buena Vista Social Club."

Wenders said the soundtrack to his latest film will include two new songs by Nick Cave's Grinderman project, as well as tracks by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Portishead and Iron & Wine. It is released via City Slang and distributed by Universal on Nov. 7

"For me it was soundtrack heaven," said Wenders. "I was able to pick some of my favorites."

Wenders said he has a "musical family" for his films, including Reed who has contributed to the new movie. "He is an amazing person," said Wenders. "If you get to know him better and he trusts you, he is so gentle."

The director added that he would "have done anything to shoot the concert film for 'Berlin,'" the tour film of Reed's performance of his "Berlin" album. Reed’s performance was directed by Julian Schnabel and Wenders said "the two of them did a great job."

Wenders has launched a music publishing company in association with his film-making, although he admitted "it was out of the question" to obtain rights to any songs composed by his more famous collaborators.

He revealed that he once attempted to use an early Rolling Stones song, "(Walkin' Thru The) Sleepy City."

"I approached the Stones once for a very unknown song of theirs," he said. "That song would have cost as much as my entire budget, so I gave up."

Popkomm comprises an international music and entertainment business trade fair, conference and live music festival. Organizers say they are expecting 843 exhibitors from 50 countries, while the festival will feature 400 artists from 30 countries.