MidemNet, the two-day (Jan. 17-18) technology and business forum that precedes music trade event MIDEM in Cannes, has announced that its 2009 edition will feature keynote speeches by Eric Nicoli, Hilary Rosen and Michael Robertson.

Nicoli is currently chairman of VUE Entertainment and was formerly chairman and Chief Executive for the EMI Group; Rosen is currently a commentator for CNN and was formerly chairman and CEO at the RIAA; and Robertson is currently CEO of MP3Tunes and founded MP3.com.

The three are "emblematic figures of the decade, each of whom in very varied fields -- at the head of an institution, of a major and in technological innovation -- have left their imprint on the history of the industry," said MIDEM director Dominique Leguern in a statement. "We are honored that these major players have accepted to return to deliver keynotes for the 10th MidemNet so they can give their analysis of the past changes and the future direction of the sector."

The 10th annual MidemNet will focus on the creation of value around the artist/fan relationship. As previously announced on Billboard.biz (Sept. 23), Google's VP, content partnerships, David Eun has already been confirmed as a keynote speaker.

Elsewhere at MidemNet, The Music Ally/MidemNet New Business Showcase will return for a second year to highlight innovative ideas submitted to U.K. digital music consultancy/analysus firm Music Ally. The inaugural showcase attracted over 100 submissions.