It looks like the battle over the posthumous release of recordings by blues-rock guitarist Jeff Healey, who died earlier this year after a bout with cancer, is set to rumble on.

Healey's estate has lashed out at Winnipeg-based Arbor Records, the label behind the Nov. 4 release of the CD/DVD set, "The Jeff Healey Band-Legacy: Volume One."

Cristie Healey, the guitarist's widow, issued a statement telling fans not to buy the release, claiming it was not authorized or supported in any way by her late husband's estate. But Arbor Records' Steve McAuley, the label's managing director, insists the label "obtained the rights through the proper legal channels."

In an e-mail to Billboard, he says: "We are extremely disappointed by the press release. To read statements that are completely erroneous is mind-boggling to say the least."