Universal Music Japan will increase its crop of five domestic labels with the new sub-label Delicious Deli Records, which opens its doors on Jan. 1, 2009.

Though aiming at releasing domestic artists, Delicious will be established under the umbrella of the Universal International division.

The major expects Delicious Deli to boost overall sales for its group of domestic artist labels in Japan, including its biggest domestic imprint Universal J as well as Nayuta Wave Records, Universal Sigma Records, Far Eastern Tribe Records and Milestone Crowds.

Delicious Deli will have a different task than it sister labels, concentrating on finding and re-importing talented Japanese artists who are already active in other territories and have the potential to be successful in Japan. The label will also work to develop Japanese artists who can be marketed overseas, and serve as a creative platform for collaborations between domestic and international musicians.

"We named the new label Delicious Deli Records because of a wish to deliver fresh and attractive music which is created in a cross-cultural atmosphere,” Kimitaka Kato, managing director of Delicious Deli and Universal International, told Billboard.biz. “Teaming up with artists who share the same vision as us, we would like to deliver good music that is loved by people across borders and generations".

Universal Music Japan has been performing strongly in the domestic market in 2008 with acts such as Thelma Aoyama, Kimaguren, INFINITY 16 and GReeeeN.