EMI Music Australia has launched its own blog. At a glance, the service – theinsoundfromwayout.com – is a visual-rich ecosystem prominently featuring high-definition streams of clips of artists within the EMI orbit.

Dig a little deeper and there are links to MP3 giveaways from EMI-affiliated artists including the Scare, Jackson Jackson, the Cat Empire and Bob Evans.

But it is the "A&R Drop Box," a function which allows users to connect with EMI's marketing and A&R team, which sets the project apart from other artist sites and user-generated content services. The blurb reads, "If you think you've found the next big thing in music, send us a link to their music. If we like it, we'll feature it. If we love it, we'll sign it."

EMI Music Australia chairman Mark Poston says the blog heralds a transparent approach to connecting artists with fans. "As far as major labels go, EMI Australia has a strong reputation for developing artist careers and that commitment means listening to the people who want to hear their artists' music," comments Poston in an open letter.

While EMI's new Web 2.0 offering might be the first for a music major down under, it's not the first time one of the big four has entered the blogosphere. Back in March 2007, Sony Music U.K. launched A&R and blogging Web sites for its RCA or Columbia labels at columbiademos.co.uk and rcademos.co.uk.