Sony Music Entertainment has established a new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, called Sony Music Entertainment Middle East. Kevin Ridgely, who opened the new office and has supervised locations for Sony Music in Beirut and Cairo, will be based in Dubai and report to Daniel DiCicco, president of Sony Music Entertainment Asia.

The Dubai office will focus on managing SME's development in up-and-coming Middle Eastern markets. The Sony Music India office is not far off from the new location, enabling the Dubai office to assist in creating awareness for events put on by their Asian regional team.

“Even in these challenging economic times, there continue to be opportunities for expanding the reach and influence of our Sony Music artists around the globe via both traditional and innovative avenues,” said Mr. DiCicco. “The opening of our new office in Dubai is a response to these opportunities and a sign of our commitment to the further development of our content and artist representation in the global arena.”