Australian-based online music-tracking chart We Are Hunted claims it has drawn almost 100,000 users in its first week of operation.

The service, which launched in beta form on April 17 at, aggregates music listening trends from blogs, social networks, forums, torrents and P2P networks to produce a daily chart that gauges the 99 most popular songs online.

Digital agency Native, which recently worked with EMI Australia on the launch of the music major's blog (, provided the concept, the strategy and the brand for We Are Hunted, while Brisbane-based news aggregator Wotnews is powering the service through its proprietary search platform.

Users can listen to the charted songs in full – the site links to tracks already available online, for example via YouTube or official Web sites - or click through to buy them from iTunes. In its terms and conditions, the Web site states: "We Are Hunted recommends that you buy the music you find on this site. This is necessary to allow artists to keep creating the music you love."

Asked about licensing deals for the music available to stream via the site, Nick Crocker, managing director of Brisbane-based Native, says, "We're working on this at the moment. Our goal is for people to buy the music they listen to - hence the prevalence of buy buttons on every page."

The site has an 'emerging' chart on its home page with data gleaned through the system indicating that current popular tracks include new songs by alternative acts Passion Pit, Gossip and Bloc Party but also Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

Crocker says there will continue to be a "tweaking" of the service. "The front page features emerging artists but the seven and 30 day charts are much more reflective of more mainstream charts," he adds.

"It's not just the pure numbers but the caliber of people in the music industry from the U.K. and U.S. which has really surprised us," Crocker continues. "We know industry folks are checking it out because it's been written about in all the obvious places, but also because we've received emails of interest from labels, consultants, bloggers and VCs."

Richard Slatter, GM of Wotnews, explains that the business model has a number of arms. "There are affiliate programs with major e-tailers where people can buy songs that they discover on the site," he says. "The most exciting area though is how we utilize the data and insights we have to allow organizations with an interest in music to engage in the right way with the conversation and to monitor what activity is occurring."

We Are Hunted also claims to be able to factor in the popularity of songs being mentioned on Twitter into its charts by using Wotnews' proprietary semantic search platform.