We Are Hunted has launched a new daily music chart (http://wearehunted.com/twitter/) which it says tracks the tunes people on Twitter are listening to and tweeting about.

The online buzz aggregator samples Twitter through the day looking for tweets that indicate a user is playing music and analyzing those tweets in its semantic engine. More than a million tweets are indexed each month.

"By combining this data with the insights from our global charts," says Nick Crocker, managing director of Native, which provided the concept, the strategy and the brand for We Are Hunted, "we calculate the live Twitter chart. More than just a straight count of artist mentions, the We Are Hunted Twitter Chart reflects which artists are being played most by Twitter users."

We Are Hunted - which launched April 17 - is an initiative of Brisbane-based companies Native, a digital strategy agency, and news aggregator Wotnews.

The service aggregates music listening trends from blogs, social networks, forums, Torrents and P2P networks to produce a daily listing of the 99 most popular songs online.

From July, We Are Hunted also plans to start offering a B2B tool, marketed at helping labels and managers dig deeper into the buzz surrounding their artists.

According to the team behind WAH, clients will be able to log-in any time and analyze the intelligence, which will be garnered from sources such as news sites, blogs, Twitter, P2P networks and MySpace.

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