Penguin is to launch a music initiative in collaboration with Island Records on its teen website "Spinebreakers."

"Breakers" will launch on July 6. Once a month Island Records artists, or their albums and videos pitched by Island management, will feature in the ongoing editorial meetings where publishers pitch their books to the site's team of teenage reviewers.

Online marketing director at Penguin Anna Rafferty said: "Island get the benefit of a passionate, articulate group of young people, and their feedback" and emphasised Penguin's intention to feature "undiscovered and d├ębut" entertainment and culture on the site.

"We want to make reading sexy for this age group," she said, stressing that Penguin "want[s] to keep books at the core of the project". She also revealed that Penguin is also planning further projects including video games, film and TV content.

The Spinebreakers team will review exclusive Island material before it is released, and will choose books to send to the artists. The artists will take part in interviews themed around that month's book. Rafferty intends that videos will be made of Penguin reviewers and the artists discussing the books, which can be posted on the site. There will also be monthly competitions for the site's community and opportunities for guest bloggers.

The artists taking part in the initial editorial meeting on June 17 were Florence and the Machine, Rumblestrips, Frankmusik and the King Blues.