All the Worlds, Universal Music Group International's (UMGI) joint venture company, has appointed John Giddings as global agent and promoter for the new F1 Rocks global live music and TV events.

Giddings of the London-based Solo Agency is the agent for Genesis, Iggy Pop and Celine Dion among others, and promotes artists including Madonna, the Rolling Stones and U2 on behalf of Live Nation, as well as organizing the Isle of Wight Festival.

UMGI and event production company All The Worlds partnered with racing body Formula One Administration Ltd to create a global entertainment platform that will see international artists perform live at Formula 1 locations around the world (, March 30). All The Worlds - a JV with brand marketing veteran Paul Morrison and Becky Morgan, whose background is in corporate finance - launched in 2008 to create brand-led global live music events generating TV and digital content.

Giddings - a big fan of F1 - will ensure that all F1 Rocks events feature the best international talent and he will build a network of local partners. Staged alongside the Grand Prix races, F1 Rocks will comprise live events and TV broadcasts.

"Some of my acts would love to do it, they're petrol heads, and lots of other acts are very interested in the concept," Giddings tells "It's just another great gig to do that didn't exist before."

The event line-ups will not be exclusively Universal acts.

"We use local promoters everywhere, sometimes there will be local acts on the bill, it all depends on the region and the opinion of the Grand Prix promoter," adds Giddings. "It's a great idea and it should have happened a long time ago. I jumped at the opportunity of booking groups for Grands Prix."

One or two F1 Rocks events will be staged in 2009, says Giddings, with up to 10 planned for 2010. Details of the first F1 Rocks events are set to be announced next month.

"It [the F1 Rocks events] will be from two nights to four nights and some of them will be multi-act bills," says Giddings. "Some of them will be within the Grand Prix venue and some won't. It's a great opportunity for groups as well and creates another level of touring.

"It can be one-offs or it can be part of a tour, it depends where the gig is and whether the group is in that region of the world. These races do go all around the globe so I'm sure it will interact with certain groups at certain places."

Giddings praised the efforts of Morrison and Morgan in winning over Formula 1 to the concept, which he believes "done properly, will be a serious success," although everyone involved in the F1 Rocks project will likely be paying close attention to the threat of a breakaway by eight F1 teams.

"I enjoy it [F1], if it had been football matches I wouldn't have bothered," says Giddings. "You are matching glamor with glamor - motor racing is a fantastic combination for everybody involved. The drivers love music and they all want to be part of it, and they are going to [appear in] these TV shows over the weekend, it's a great opportunity I think."

Given the profile of F1 worldwide, any related TV broadcast will have a potentially huge audience.

"I think there will be a couple of TV shows, one will be a broadcast of the [F1 Rocks] show and one will be a lifestyle program backstage effectively, in the pits with the drivers, walking around with some of the artists or picking them up at the airport," says Giddings. "I think some of it [the music] will be in the [TV] race coverage as well."

Branding partners will also be a key element.

"F1 has long-term deals so initially we will be involved with F1 sponsors," he says. "I think it will expand to have people outside of F1 come into F1 and vice versa."