-- Spotify is earning a 14 pence per U.K. user per month in advertising revenue, The Register reports. The music streaming service has over half a million users in the U.K., but only 17,000 of them are said to have upgraded to the ad-free, premium version. Such low figures are seemingly at odds with statements by the company that profitability is within reach this year. Lastly, The Register put the number of U.K. registered users at half a million, far less than the figure of one million users Spotify's U.K. managing director gave in an April interview. (The Register, via Music Ally)

-- In an effort to simplify its product and manage costs, Imeem will remove the ability to access user-uploaded photos and videos. "We're making these changes as part of an overall effort to simplify imeem so it's cleaner and easier to navigate. This means enhancing imeem's most popular social music features, and de-emphasizing some (like user-generated photos and videos) that are less popular, cost more to host & stream, or are of less interest to our advertisers. Simply put, there's no ROI for us in UGV." (Imeem blog)

-- Mobile music piracy is a problem in India. "The practice of downloading pirated content and then sideloading it to a musical device, especially a mobile phone, is widespread and has led to a culture of accepted piracy. And sideloading isn't the only problem: mobile chip piracy is endemic. Mobile stores in every Indian city offer illegal downloads in their shops, and do so flagrantly." (The Guardian)

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