On-demand music video streaming service Muzu.tv has signed a global video licensing deal with Merlin, the indies' digital licensing agency. It is the first video licensing deal that Merlin has signed.

Dublin-based Muzu.tv provides free access to music video content and allows users to create their own personalised video playlists and share them with friends by embedding them on their social networking pages. Rights holders get paid from ad revenue.

Under the terms of the deal, Muzu.tv is also offering a free digitisation service to the Merlin labels, which will see a number of videos being made officially available online for the first time.

"The deal with Merlin is hugely significant and firmly establishes our leadership position in the market as the only music video service to have deals with all four majors and Merlin," said Ciaran Bollard, CEO and co-founder of Muzu.tv, in a statement. "Muzu.tv users will benefit greatly by getting free access to one of, if not the largest, official music video libraries online."

Merlin members include the Beggars Group, Domino, Warp, Dramatico, Koch/E1, Epitaph, Kontor and Finetunes.

Charles Caldas, Merlin CEO, added: "We chose to work with Muzu as they have recognised the significant value of Merlin's offering and have provided our labels with a compelling way to monetise the use of their videos online.

"We believe this is an exciting proposition for consumers and the industry at large and are excited about the commercial potential it offers Merlin's member labels and their artist rosters. The holistic artist-focused approach that Muzu.tv has taken is already resonating well with fans and brands alike and we look forward to a great relationship going forward."