Telecom Italia, Italy's main telco, has suspended its new music streaming service, Next Music.

The service, which was available both for PC and mobile phones, offered millions of tracks that enabled listeners to create personal radio playlists.

The service had been set up in Italy on an experimental basis in July, with content provided by the Florida-based company Grooveshark. Telecom Italia has provided no explanation for its decision, but it is safe to assume that it follows complaints by a number of Italian record labels - particularly the majors - that many of the tracks on offer had not been authorized for use.

"We notified [Telecom Italia] of the fact that the service contained a huge number of tracks, by both Italian and international artists, that had not been authorised by record labels and we are naturally happy that they have responded so swiftly," Enzo Mazza, president of FIMI, Italy's major label representative body, tells