European digital entertainment technology provider 24-7 Entertainment has entered the Canadian market in partnership with CD Warehouse/

The first collaboration is the launch of a Rhino Records direct-to-consumer (D2C) store,, which offers Canadian consumers music in physical and digital formats from Warner Music artists such as Led Zeppelin, the Doors and Metallica. All digital products will be delivered DRM-free by using 24-7's technology platform.

"We understand the importance of transitioning our physical business into the digital realm," said Ken Berry, Warner Music Canada director of strategic marketing, in a statement. "This partnership between 24-7 and MyMusic provides us with an ideal back-end solution as a part of our D2C initiative. Our D2C store provides an additional outlet for consumers to purchase both our physical and digital catalog music in one location with one shopping basket via a trusted source, therefore not fragmenting their shopping experience." is an Ontario-based online retailer that sells CDs and downloads and offers physical retail and e-commerce solutions as part of its B2B operation, while sister company CD Warehouse operates three CD and DVD stores in the Ottawa area. It will act as 24-7 Entertainment's sales, integration and support representative in a new digital distribution partnership within Canada. It is part of a plan for 24-7 Entertainment to penetrate new markets with the help of local fixtures.

"We are very pleased to represent 24-7 Entertainment's digital distribution platform in Canada and offer labels, retailers or telcos an unparalleled download service with the opportunity to sell digital music seamlessly on their own sites and based on their unique parameters," said Stephen Bleeker, CEO and co-founder, in a statement.

"This collaboration sets the groundwork for a successful synergy to address the growing Canadian digital music market since the emergence of the DRM-free MP3 format," added Frank Taubert, CEO and co-founder, 24-7 Entertainment, who announces this partnership as part of a larger expansion plan for the company.

MyMusic specializes in digital and entertainment solutions, e-commerce and Web development, and also counts Sony Music Entertainemt Canada, Costco and the Shopping Channel among its clients. It has worked with global brand leaders such as Visa, Coors Light, Orville Redenbacher and Coca-Cola on Web-based marketing solutions.

24-7 Entertainment has license agreements with over 12,000 labels including all major record companies. The company has fulfilled "hundreds of millions of commercial and promotional downloads for these labels as well as major retailers, telcos, software and hardware manufacturers and media companies worldwide," according to a statement.