Morrissey, the former singer in U.K. band The Smiths, has left hospital after spending the night there as a precautionary measure after collapsing on stage, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The 50-year-old was taken to a Swindon hospital after suffering breathing difficulties Saturday (Oct. 24) during a gig in the southern England town. He left hospital Sunday (Oct. 25)

It is the latest cancellation he has made in his current tour of Britain due to ill-health.

"Morrissey became unwell, and he was admitted overnight as a precautionary measure," the spokeswoman said in a statement.
"He's been seen by the medical team, much improved and now discharged home."

Morrissey slumped to the floor after cutting short his rendition of opening song "This Charming Man." Two band members carried him offstage where he was treated by an emergency medical team.

He had said to the 1,000-strong audience: "Good evening... probably," before performing The Smiths' 1983 hit, U.K. newspaper Sunday Telegraph reported.

Fan Mark Taylor (40), told the Telegraph: "There was a wait of about 25 minutes before one of the stage crew came on and said Morrissey had left the building, and that he was seriously ill.

"Everybody started booing, thinking 'here we go again'. He has a bit of a poor track record for cancelling his concerts."

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