German rock mainstay Rammstein's "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da" (Motor) races 15-1 to top Billboard's European Albums chart, as Robbie Williams' "Bodies" (Virgin/EMI) starts a second week atop European Hot 100 Singles.

The Rammstein album, the band's sixth studio set, is new at No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland, No. 5 in Spain, and climbs 3-2 in France and 5-4 in the Belgian region of Wallony, but falls 1-2 in Finland. Its predecessor "Rosenrot" debuted and peaked at No. 2 in November 2005.

There's new blood at No. 2 on the composite chart, where Michael Buble's "Crazy Love" (Reprise/Warner Music) arrives after debuting at No. 2 in the United Kingdom, No. 3 in Italy, No. 4 in Switzerland, No. 5 in Germany and No. 7 in Spain. The vocalist's last album "Call Me Irresponsible" (Reprise) started at No. 1 on the pan-European chart after best-selling starts in Germany, Italy and Holland.

Rammstein and Buble's sales force Madonna's "Celebration" (Warner Bros.) down to No. 3 after four weeks at the top. The title track is back up 8-7 in its 12th week on European Hot 100 Singles.

Whitney Houston's "I Look To You" (Arista/Sony Music Entertainment), now in its eighth week on the Europe-wide album chart, rebounds 17-4 after a No. 3 U.K. debut on sales of 51,000. Her "Ultimate Collection" also rises 62-22 there. Muse's "The Resistance" (Helium 3/Warner Music) is down 4-5 overall, but is still at No. 3 in Wallony and back up 8-4 in France.

Atlantic/Warner Music's soundtrack album to "The Twilight Saga -- New Moon" enters European Albums at No. 6, after starting at No. 3 in Germany and No. 9 in Switzerland. In the United Kingdom, it qualifies not for the main artist chart but the separate compilation listing, and debuts at No. 1 there on sales of 25,000.

Also making a top 19 debut on the collective chart, at No. 7, is Alexandra Burke's "Overcome" (Syco Music/Sony Music Entertainment). Last year's winner of the U.K.'s "The X Factor" sells 132,000 of her debut set out of the box there.

Three titles in descent round out the pan-European album top ten: Shakira's "She Wolf" (Epic/Sony Music Entertainment) falls 2-8 and Xavier Naidoo's "Alles Kann Besser Werden" (Naidoo) 5-9, both in their second week, and Mark Knopfler's "Get Lucky" (Vertigo/Universal) dips 6-10.

Williams' single stays at No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland and keeps its crown on European Hot 100 Singles with the additional help of a 2-1 climb in Italy.