Pledge Music, a new London-based fan funded investment platform, has raised around €60,000 ($89,000) for Danish artist Tina Dico.

Dico, who has recorded with U.K. electronica act Zero 7, worked with Pledge Music to offer fans a series of premium and exclusive packages for her new album. "The Road To Gävle" is a movie soundtrack based on the musical score she's written for the new Danish feature film "Oldboys."

Pledge Music founder and CEO Benji Rogers launched the company to enable artists to raise funding via their fans. The artist sets a target for an amount of financing to fund, for instance, the recording and marketing of their new album, and then asks for pledges from fans in return for a digital download, or a slightly higher amount to include a physical CD and more again to add a concert ticket.

In addition, the premium packages on offer for Tina Dico included a personalised video greeting featuring an acoustic version of a fan's choice of song, a complete signed set of her albums, and a signed CD with a personalised Christmas card. Packages ranged in price from €10 ($14.85) to €300 ($446); the fan's payment is only processed when the target has been reached.

"Tina Dico has proved that not only does she have a really motivated and devoted fans but also there is a real future for our type of fan funded model," said Rogers in a statement.

"To work with an artist of the quality and stature of Tina Dico so early in the company's development is a great achievement," added managing director Malcolm Dunbar.