The controversy about the comeback of the German music fair Popkomm in Berlin in 2010 has entered the next round.

The Berlin senator of economics, Harald Wolf, unexpectedly commented on the reproaches of the music industry regarding the return of Popkomm. Wolf stated that the planned "Berlin Music Week" is internationally orientated, despite the criticisms.

"Each year in September in Berlin the fair will integrate the different players of the music industry, from major label to indie and no matter of what genre of music they represent, and it will bundle up all activities and events around the subject of music," said Wolf.

He added that requests from abroad to stage events had started to "heap up."

Wolf pointed out that Popkomm will be, as a leading international event, a central part of the new "Berlin Music Week" event.

"One point is to open Popkomm for the music users and to include neighbouring businesses such as the concert industry, film, mobile entertainment, fashion and advertising," he said. Wolf reported that a draft conception has already been discussed with German music industry (BVMI).

The senator also stressed that he expects the engagement of all players as well as the BVMI and its members if Berlin offers such a platform. The BVMI has not yet responded.