The German music trade fair Popkomm will take place in Berlin next year from Sept. 8 to 10, in the former airport Berlin Tempelhof.

The plan from organizers Messe Berlin surprised the music business today (Dec. 7) because the association of the music industry (BVMI) confirmed that this final decision had not been coordinated with them.

During the last weeks the music industry had criticised the outline proposals for Popkomm, because they were not involved in the discussions and estimated the planning as too conventional to reflect the actual developments of the national and international music business.

Popkomm will now become part of the Berlin Music Week that takes place from Sept. 6 to 12, 2010. Popkomm's 2009 event was canceled, though organizers stressed that it would return.

The first two days of the 2010 fair will be B2B days with a congress, according to Popkomm project manager Daniel Barkowski. On Friday Sept. 10, the fair will be open to the general public.

"We consider it to be absolutely essential to organize a central forum with an international approach given the mounting fragmentation of music events," says Dr. Ralf G. Kleinhenz, managing director of Popkomm. "This is and always has been one of the objectives pursued by Popkomm. In terms of prices, we are below the levels seen in earlier years across all areas."

Popkomm offers cabin/lounge area space for companies, organizations and agencies in the market place. Internal information sent to a close circle of Popkomm decision makers shows the market place in the former departure gates of the airport. The music business meeting place will occupy the main entrance hall and the former departure gates of the airport under headings like 'market place,' 'networking lounge,' 'conference area' and 'festival area.'

The Berlin Messe and the senate of Berlin decided that Popkomm will cooperate with the Berlin Festival, an open-air event with various concerts, which will take place at the Airport Berlin Tempelhof from Sept. 10 to 11 on the airfield and the hangars of the airport. The Berlin Festival kicks off on the last Popkomm day, Sept. 10 also be the public day where Popkomm will be open for the Berlin festival-goers.

"Popkomm delegates with three-day registrations will be able to attend the Popkomm business meeting place as well as the festival in order to check out a line-up of local talent and international acts from the pop world and meet a target group of music fans," said Barkowski.

"The city of Berlin will present music of all genres from Sept. 6 to 12, 2010 under the umbrella brand "Berlin Music Week," with all facets of the capital's music industry and culture. "Popkomm and the Berlin Festival will be the main attractions of the Berlin Music Week," said Barkowski.

The Popkomm festival centre will be at the Kulturbrauerei where exhibiting labels can showcase their artists. It will take place between Sept. 8 to 9, with limited showcase slots. "Artists will be selected by curatorship. Submissions of applications have to be sent to curatorship. Further showcase options outside of the Kulturbrauerei can be booked via our partner," reported Barkowski.

According to information from the Popkomm organization, further discussions shall take place this Tuesday in Berlin with various ministries to guarantee the final plans of Popkomm.

Most of the executives of record companies and music publishers did not want to comment on the decision on the record. One of them stated: "Why should we want to add fuel to the flames. We want content and professionalism with a congress. The politicians want a colourful window shop for the city image. We will not participate in financing that."

Another executive added: "Maybe each company will organize something [separate] of its own during Popkomm."