Ad-supported music service Guvera announced at its New York City launch party that it will launch in the U.S. on March 30.

The Australia-based company also announced at the Feb. 18 event that it has licensing deals with INgrooves, BMI, the Harry Fox Agency and SESAC. Universal Music Group, EMI and IODA had previously announced their involvement with Guvera.

The music download site offers users free downloads paid for by brands. Unlike typical ad-based models, Guvera attempts to match its users with the most appropriate brand based on preferences for music, movies, vacation locales and similar reference points. Guvera says its patented algorithms will change the content as consumer preferences change.

Jon Healey of the Los Angeles Times has used Guvera and describes its advertising as more subtle than traditional, interruptive advertising.

"Clicking on a link," he writes, "takes you to a page created by the advertiser, featuring a playlist of songs designed to do two things: appeal to the people the company wants to buy its products or services, and give visitors a specific image of the brand." For example, Healey explains, a page designed by McDonald's promotes the chain's around-the-clock hours and provides links to store locations and 24-hour nightspots.

Healey adds that Guvera is limiting the number of U.S. users to 100,000 until it secures additional advertisers.

Guvera already sees a future beyond just music. Claes Loberg, CEO and inventor of Guvera, and Finbar O'Hanlon, chief technology officer, discussed at the launch party the ability to distribute video and television content through their already existing technology by mid-2010. "We also see a huge future in delivering film and television content, especially after the success of the Australian beta," added Dan Thompson, Guvera's head of content.

Guvera launched in Australia in beta mode in late January. The U.S. launch of Guvera comes coincides with the appearance of another ad-supported download site. Free All Music already launched its invite-only beta for U.S. users and also has deals with Universal Music Group and EMI.