More than 80 million tickets were sold last year using the systems developed and operated by the CTS Eventim Group.

In the period from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 2009, the group generated €466.7 million ($633 million) in revenue, compared to 2008's €404.4 million ($548 million), an increase of 15.4%. The revenue covers all its operations including ticketing and the income from other parts of the live business such as the leading promoter Marek Lieberberg, which CTS Eventim owns.

There was a group EBIT of €71.3 million ($97 million), compared to 2008's €50.3 million ($68 million), an increase of 41.8%.

The management board will present the group net income, earnings per share and a dividend proposal at the end of March, after finalization of the annual financial statements, it was announced by Volker Bischoff, CFO at CTS Eventim in Bremen.

Total ticket revenue was €152.5 million ($207 million), up from €120.1 million ($163 million) in 2008, an increase of 26.9%.

The CTS Eventim Group sold around 13.4 million tickets via the Internet - a year-on-year increase of around 40%. The 2008 figure was around 9.6 million. More than 303 million visitors were logged by the online portals operated by CTS Eventim, compared with 232 million in 2008.

The live entertainment segment achieved its best ever results since the IPO in 2000, said Bischoff. Revenue in this segment increased 10.7% to €318.7 million ($432 million). This was attributed to successful concert tours, particularly those organized by the Marek Lieberberg concert agency in Frankfurt, and a greater number of events.

"In 2010, the Group will remain focused on continuous growth of its Internet ticketing operations and on international expansion," said Bischoff.

In the U.K., CTS Eventim launched itself on the national ticketing Feb. 1, 2010. Contracts to acquire Ticketcorner, the leader of the Swiss ticketing market, were signed in Zurich on Feb. 19.

CTS Eventim is paying 65 million Swiss francs ($60 million) to a consortium that includes Capvis, the private equity firm.

"By making this acquisition, we are consolidating our business in Switzerland while extending our market leadership in Europe at the same time. Our declared aim is to handle all ticket sales in Europe from one database," said Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO of CTS Eventim AG in Bremen.

In December 2009, CTS Eventim agreed a joint venture agreement with Ringier AG, Switzerland's biggest media company, under the name Eventim CH AG. In future, all ticketing activities are to be pooled within this one company.

According to CTS Eventim, Ticketcorner has a 60% share of the ticketing market in Switzerland. In 2009 the company sold a total of 9.3 million tickets and generated net sales of approximately 35 million Swiss francs ($32 million).