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-- As the Digital Britain Bill gets its second reading at the House of Commons, Jez Williams of British band Doves says piracy has greatly reduced the startup capital new acts have traditionally acquired from record labels. “It’s going to be quite hard for you to pay the rent because there’s no money, there’s no tour support, very little in the way of advances, so it’s very hard to make any kind of living out of it if you’re just starting out,” he told 6 Music. Will new acts be able to find that startup funding elsewhere? Eventually, yes, alternatives to the old record label model will appear as the fight against piracy continues. (BBC News)

-- Note to mobile app creators: Google’s Android mobile operating system more than doubled its market share in just four months, according to ComScore. Google jumped to 9% in February 2010 from 3.8% in November 2009. RIM, maker of the Blackberry, finished February with a market-leading 42.1% share. Apple was second at 25.4% and Microsoft was third (and slipping) at 15.1%. (Press release)

-- Universal Music Group has a deal with social gaming company Conduit Labs. Conduit will create games with a music discovery bent and Universal will supply the music and artists. Last year Conduit hired former Universal Music Group exec Josh Hubball as its VP of business development. Conduit is the parent company of Loudcrowd, an online music community. Conduit raised $5.5 million from Charles River Ventures and Prism VentureWorks in 2007. Charles River Ventures gave an additional $3 million in funding in 2009.(Press release)

-- Venture capital funding in Q1 2009 totaled $12.8 billion, according to Crunchbase data, over twice the $6 billion raised the year before but down a bit from $15.3 billion in Q4 2009. (TechCrunch)