U.K. recorded music licensing body PPL collected £21.6 million ($33.2 million) of international revenues in 2009, an increase of 40% on 2008.

PPL has 45 deals across 24 different countries, which represent 90% in value terms of the performance rights market in Europe and approximately 70% globally.

The 2008 international revenue figure was £15.4 million ($23.7 million). International is the fastest growing area of revenue for PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) and the department has 15 multi-lingual staff.

Depending on the territory, cost rates range from 2% to 10% and the company aims for a 90-day turnaround between receiving the money and paying it out to members.

"We have developed a team and an infrastructure which means that performers and companies who invest in music are now getting their international revenues," said Laurence Oxenbury, head of international at PPL, in a statement. "It is critical that the overall industry develops new revenue streams and naturally we are delighted to have been able to deliver such significant sums of money to performers and record companies."

In 2009, PPL reached a deal in Norway regarding private copying remuneration from that territory, made an agreement in Spain for rental, audio-visual performance rights and private copying remuneration, and secured the first payments of private copying revenue from Sweden and Denmark.

There was considerable growth in the U.S., Dutch, Japanese and Swedish markets, PPL said. It is also planning to expand into the larger Latin American and Central/Eastern European territories on behalf of its members.

The key growth strategies that helped the 2009 performance included managing and resolving recording rights disputes between distributors and rights owners; more effective identification of repertoire, using third party datasets to validate information provided by local music licensing companies; and maximizing available rights, such as private copying remuneration in territories that have such systems.

Under these overseas deals, PPL represents 21,000 international performers and 4,000 international record companies for their U.K. performance rights. In the U.K., there are 42,000 performers and 5,000 record companies members, of which approximately 80% have signed up for PPL to collect revenues from their performance rights overseas.

"It is critical that we work as closely as possible with all our partners around the world and collect as much revenue as possible on behalf of all our members and from as many sources as we can," said Fran Nevrkla, chairman and CEO of PPL. "When I joined PPL ten years ago there was no focus on international collection so I am truly thrilled by how much we have achieved in such a short space of time."