Gianluigi Chiodaroli has resigned as president of the Italian broadcasting and neighboring rights collecting society SCF.

His decision follows the society's assembly, which was held in Milan on April 20. Chiodaroli is succeeded by the society's current director-general, Saverio Lupica, while Lupica's position as director-general is taken by Marco Ornago, a senior manager with Microsoft Italy.

Both Chiodaroli and Lupica had served in their positions since 2002. SCF was formed in 2000 in order to collect broadcasting and neighboring rights revenue on behalf of Italy's record labels.

In addition to appointing a new president and director-general, the SCF assembly also approved the 2009 balance sheet, which recorded a revenue of €37.2 million ($49.5 million). Its revenue growth over the years has been steady: the figure for 2003 was €18 million ($23.9 million).