Veteran Australian record biz executive Michael Parisi has returned to the label scene with a new imprint, Wunderkind Music.

The former Warner Music Australia president of A&R has made teenage pop artist Owl Eyes -- real name Brooke Addamo -- his first signing to Wunderkind. The company is a division of the executive's multi-faceted Melbourne-based music agency Michael Parisi Management (MPM); Warner Music Australia will act as the label's distributor.

Although his first signing to the fledging imprint fits within the pop genre, Wunderkind's roster won't be pigeonholed, Parisi tells

"Whatever we feel is fantastic," he says, "whatever we like, whatever we feel has a chance in this market and in this climate, we'll have a crack at. No matter where it comes from [musically]."

And what happens if a Wunderkind artist goes ballistic? "Should Warners become interested in taking it up to the mainframe, then we will have a discussion at that point," notes Parisi. "In the meantime, we'll just continue to work at our pace. And build up carefully, and properly with the right people around it."

Owl Eyes debut release on Wunderkind will be the "Faces" EP, which is set to drop Down Under later this summer. The artist has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Mushroom Music Publishing.

Parisi launched MPM in late 2008 after a three-year stint overseeing the A&R operations for Warner Music Australia and helming its Mushroom Records imprint. He continues to consult to Warner Music Australia on A&R.