Microsoft made big waves at last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3) when it previewed a motion capture camera controller dubbed at the time Project Natal.

Since then, very little else was discussed - until Sunday night (June 13) on the eve of the next E3 conference, where the controller got a new name, and some new details were released.

The controller - if it can be fairly called that - is now called Kinect, and the preview event gave hints at what new types of games we can expect from it in the near future. The camera works much like a Web cam. Unlike the Wii Remote motion based controller, Kinect does not require users to hold onto any other devices.

The camera recognizes 48 different joints in the human body and creates a graph which is then matched against anything from an avatar to an in-game character or object-effectively making the human body the game controller.

Precise details are a bit lacking, as by giving the event over to Cirque Du Soleil, Microsoft spent far too much time making Kinect feel like a big deal but forgetting to show exactly what the big deal actually is. Games footage included driving, rafting, various types of sports, yoga, and yes - dancing. Although none of the demos included little details like... titles.

The biggest reaction from the crowd came from a Star Wars demo that depicted the ability to both engage in lightsaber duels and utilize Force powers all through motion commands. And then there was a brief hint at some kind of Disney-related content, but again... no details.

Still, although the event fell flat for many, the Kinect is sure to spark a host of exciting new games, and take gaming into new areas of much needed innovation.

Billboard will be at the E3 event through Wednesday (June 16) getting some behind-the-scenes demos of other titles in the works for the motion-based controller, several of which promise to have more than a little impact on the music industry, so stay tuned.