Ad-supported digital music service Guvera has revealed some user-habits for the first time since its March launch.

The service currently counts more than 75,000 users across both its U.S. and Australian operations, with a nudge over 40,000 hailing from Australia, according to a statement issued today.

The Gold Coast, Australia-based company adds 3,000 to 5,000 new registrations each week to a user-base which is mostly male (60%), and the majority of whom (70%) are under 35 years of age. More than 5% of its users are over 60.

In Australia, the average click through rate is 9%, a spokesperson tells, while 31% of users down under have set-up playlists. Australian users spend 5-7 minutes per branded channel, of which more than 40 have signed up.

Moreover, the firm claims more than 100,000 new tracks are uploaded each week to a digital library which now exceeds three million songs, licensed from the likes of Universal Music, EMI Music, and IODA.

Guvera is a brand new take on the ad-supported digital music model. Once inside the system, users aren't confronted with banner-ads bolted on and around the music. Instead, advertisers create a "channel" where they host and pay for MP3 downloads, in exchange for consumer data. And because the company's expenses are constrained by the number of advertisers on board, the number of songs a user can download must be kept in check.

In spite of the high risk in launching an ad-supported music site, Guvera has raised $30 million in multiple funding rounds from AMMA Private Investment.

In time, CEO Claes Loberg intends to expand Guvera into other markets, and to deliver a range of visual content. "Our plan is [to operate in] Australia, U.S., U.K. and Europe because that's the world we know," Loberg told ahead of launch. "I see us as a media player, versus a music download site. We'll move into distributing film and TV."